Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Technology in the Classroom

In a society where teenagers rather text the friend sitting next to them than actually talk to this friend, technology has obviously taken over. As an educator, I often wonder if so much technology is really good for the social and emotional development of our children. In the education realm, many have fled from technology and it's impact on our students. What do I think?

I think that if technology is so much part of our society and our students' lives, we have to embrace it and teach students how to use it responsibly, properly, and effectively. There are so many amazing resources available with technology that can assist learning and motivate students to want to learn. If students use computers, video games, and iPods at home already, why not integrate this into the classroom? Why not have students become detectives and search for new and free (or very inexpensive) Web 2.0 sites or APPs that can be applied in the classroom? They will love this challenge and will likely find many amazing resources that can be used to enhance their learning.

I agree that sometimes children in our society use way too much technology. I think the classroom is a perfect place to teach a healthy balance of when and when not to use technology. Unfortunately, technology is not available or very limited in many classrooms and schools. This is not equitable. All students need to have technology access and all teachers must have the professional development to learn how to integrate technology in the classroom. Will this cost money? Absolutely! However, look at the alternative. If we do not prepare our children by using technology in our classrooms, our students will continue to fall behind and not receive the 21st century skills that are necessary for their success in the future. It is our moral responsibility to make sure technology is available in all classrooms!!!!